Profiteroles (savory), Guinea Hen, Bavarian Cream : Lesson 7 : LCB at Home

This week it's:

Profiteroles au Gruyère : Choux Puffs with Gruyere Cheese

Pintadeaux au Chou : Guinea Hen with Cabbage

Crème Fraisalia : Strawberry Bavarian Cream

But the Guinea Hen will be something else because the local game bird supplier wanted CAD 61 for 2 guinea fowl. It's about 9 dollars a pound and they're fairly large ones so it's way way too much for the budget. Maybe it'll be Cornish Game Hens or a Free Range Chicken. It's got sausage and cabbage so the flavour of the meat's probably well disguised anyway.

The starter has a Mornay Sauce which appears to be a Béchamel with cheese. Making Choux pastry was interesting and, as I recall, not all too tricky. A useful technique to have in the repertoire.

Dessert is a fruit melange variant of last week's.

It's amusing the word Choux in the starter is so similar to the French word for cabbage, which is Chou and is in the main dish.

This will be Lesson 7 from the book Le Cordon Bleu: At Home.

Found two other blogs that have given the book a shot:

  • 90 Weeks - seems to have stopped at lesson 6
  • La Fin du Monde - went to lesson 34 as of November 2007 but appears to have moved on to the topic of kites

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