Blanquette de Veau - 2

So here it is with its sauce (versus the 'naked' picture earlier). We at it for lunch; served 7 (including 3 teens boys!).

The whole secret of blanquette is (well, okay, several secrets)

  1. Don't soak the meat before cooking (as some suggest)
  2. Do blanch the meat by putting it in a wide pan, cover with water and bring to a very brief boil over high heat. Skim off the scum, strain the meat and give it a quick rinse under cold water (although the LCB told me to not rinse it).
  3. While cooking skim the impurities off once in a while; also when making the sauce
  4. Only simmer, never boil, the meat - prolonged high temps will make it tough
  5. Don't overcook
  6. Cook the veggies individually to retain their individual flavors before combining into the dish
Keller's book on Bouchon has a nice recipe. There is an enthusiastic review at alacuisine's blog.

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