Tortilla Español, Spanish Tortilla

With cebolla / onion

Not actually as good as the photo (which is, in my opinion, not bad at all). It stuck/burnt to the pan. Eggy things have never been my forte. I'l had some success with French omelettes lately but the Spanish version still has me bamboozled.

This should be deeped/higher - I should have used a smaller pan. It burnt on the 1st side so the heat started out too high.

1/2 kg onions (1lb) - finely chopped; sautéed slowly, in a little oil, 'til sweet but not brown - low heat, up to 45 minutes; then cooled for 10 min.

6 eggs (300 gr)
salt & pepper - mix with eggs; don't beat up foam though

Add onions to eggs. Mix gently
Pour into oiled pan, medium heat.
Let it sit for 3 minutes, setting the bottom
Then lift the sides and push underneath with a spatula, letting the liquid egg/onion mix go under - too cook next.

After about 10 minutes it ought to be pretty set
Lay a plate over the top and flip the whole thing upside-down
Slide the tortilla back into the pan to cook the other side until it's set.
Side one should be pretty nice looking so slide it out of the pan, back onto the plate from earlier, with side 2 down.

It ought to stand a couple of centimeters high (an inch) and be nice and evenly set.
Mine was too thin an was not hanging together very well due to some sticking to the pan & a little scorching in the first side.

Wish me better luck next time.

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