Cucumber Salad

Was using up stuff that's in the fridge so had a cucumber that needed something done with it.

Peel; mandoline the thing paper thin. Do likewise with a some frsh ginger - paper thin, or thinner. Then chop the ginger in 3 or 4; sort of a gigantic fat julienne. Put in a bowl; add a dash of sugar; a teaspoon or 2 of wine vinegar. Let it sit, cover & cooled, for 3-4 hours - marinating.
Drain the juices; slice a few gherkin pickles thinly and mix in. I though of adding some yoghurt to make it creamy but finally decided againt it.
This gave me what you see here (bad foto).

Tasty. Ginger is the dominant flavor; constrasting / blending(?) with the pickle.

There was also scrambled eggs (LCB style) with ham, mushrooms and steamed, julienned leeks - - but scrambled eggs are not a great photo opportunity; it always looks like puke to me; so I skipped that one.

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