Pork Filets in Sauce Charcutiére

Médaillons de Porc Charcutiére

Last night was the first attempt at an LCB recipe at home without the professional kitchen set-up at the school. It worked pretty well - despite the changes that I made.
No photo. I forgot; I'll try to be better about that.

5 Pork loin fillets 120 gr each, thick (should have been even thicker - maybe 180 gr)
salt & pepper
- Trim them nicely & reserve the trimmings.

- Sauce -
30 gr Shallots (was supposed to be onions)
100 ml Dry White Wine
250 ml Veal Stock

2 T Dijon Mustard
20 gr Butter

salt & pepper
30 gr tiny pickles - julienned
1 T chopped (curly) parsley

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