Tomato Chicken

Pollo Tomate al la Willson

Almost forgot to take a pic of this one; we'd already eaten most of it.

This is just some chicken pieces I had lying around (1 kg); salt, pepper, thyme; fried a bit to color it (in corn oil & butter); drain the fat;
then peeled, seeded, chopped tomatoes go in and stir it around (3 large ones); cover, simmer for 20 minutes (max).
Then I removed & covered the chicken pieces; strained the sauce through a "china cap" (metal strainer); smushing out the tomatoes to capture all the sauciness - then set that aside.

Later, at dinner-time, I dumped the chick pieces back into the sauce and heated it on medium - to just warm the meat.

It was ¡delicious! - which I attribute mostly to the quality of the tomatoes. They were home grown from Galicia; slightly 1/2 green / unripe. But, as many "real" tomates do... they had flavour.

Simple is good.

A similar recipe can be found here (es) but uses mejorana / marjoram and adds chiles.

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