Chocolate Muffin

These are, by the way, from scratch. No mixes for me; no siree.

Heavy on the cocoa - thus, delicious.

They're the cakey type of muffin, and you can see in the pic that they have a rather flat top; that was a dissapointment. Neither were the tops circular; sort of drippy and wierd mutant shaped.

Per the JoC the cause of irregular tops is too high a heat.
Not raising up well is due to too low heat. This may present a problem. Perhaps a different recipe is called for. I'm not happy with this one.

2 eggs
200 gr sugar
- mix those 2 together
130 gr flour (all purpose)
35 gr cocoa powder
2 t baking powder
- sift these
1 t vanilla
160 gr milk
- add all the above together & mix gently
160 gr butter (melted, cooled)
- fold into the above

6 large muffin cups
@ 350C for about 30 minutes
'til toothpick comes out clean
In the pan on a rack for 5 minutes
De-pan them

optional (I didn't) add 120 gr choc chips after the butter [toss chips in a little flour to help prevent them sinking]

glossary: JoC = Joy of Cooking

source for recipe:

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