Restaurant eleven, Lisbon

So, yesterday I visited the kitchen of Restaurant eleven in Lisbon, Portugal (that's "Lisboa" in the local lingo). Just to watch - and try to stay out of the way. Not easy given the limited amount of space in the kitchen and the large number of chefs and assistants; a dozen or more.

Got to meet the sous chef (Cyril)- a very nice guy. We chatted some about the mass of government regulations that the French have for running commercial kitchens. Also about sauces and how you have to make your own fonds.
Met the executive chef; he's got several restaurants and a number of Michelin stars in Spain.
Met (one of) the owner(s), briefly. He was passing through the kitchen and asked the sous who the new guy was (me); although I was not really "new" but just visiting.

Maybe having these contacts could eventually lead to some real work (maybe even paid work?).

Also got to eat lunch there; both the staff lunch (in the basement) and the menu (out front). Well worth it (the menu that is; and the staff lunch was not bad either). This place will likely have stars in a year or two.

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Mishmosh said...

Hey Willson, sounds like a great time! You visited while Maria was there, right? Bonne chance avec la deuxième partie du diplôme!