Dorada con Hinojo

Dorada con Hinojo
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Sea Bream with Fennel

Again with the pictures of Dorada you might be saying.
Well, I really like this dish. It was today's lunch.
The trick here is to only cook the fish for 30 seconds of so (real hot pan) on the skin side; then medium temp for a minute or so on the flesh side. Just barely done - delicious.

Changes from the official LCB recipe were to not include star anise nor Pernod because I had neither in house. I did add some regular fennel seeds (fresh ground) to enhance the flavor of the sauce. And I cheated by using some fish stock that I had frozen already because I was short of fish pieces since I forgot to ask the fish-monger for them when I had him fillet the fish (which also might be considered cheating).

Put less cream and butter in the sauce than in traditional French food - I had calorie and fat concious consumers watching over my shoulder (& I hate that).

The hard part of this whole thing was paring & julienning the fennel. It takes quite a while (for me anyway).

You'll be seeing this one again - it's really good done the way I did it today an dwill be delicious when I find some star anise and go get me some Pernod.

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