Pork Fillets Charcutiére

Last night was the first attempt at an LCB recipe at home without the professional kitchen set-up at the school. It worked pretty well - despite the changes that I made.

No photo. I forgot; I'll try to be better about that.
In fact, it looked something like this (from a previous time).

I cooked it a little too far through (or the meat ought to have been a little thicker). I didn't get much of the pinkish center that I was looking for.

Charcutiére sauce is made with mustard & pickles (yes pickles, really; stuck me as odd the first time I heard it).

Pork Fillets Charcutiére
120 gr (5x)
Pork loin fillets thick (should have been even thicker - maybe 180 gr)

salt & pepper

Trim the fillets nicely & reserve the trimmings to cook with the fillets and help make the sauce.

Season lightly

Heat some oil in a frying pan (large enough for all meat in 1 layer)

Add a generous glob of butter. When sizzling hot add meat - shaking pan (to avoid sticking)

Once it's a little golden on side 1 add the trimmings

Lift meat occasionally to sluice juices underneath

Turn them when beads of 'blood' start to appear on top of the meat

Cook side 2 until 'done' (still good & pink in the middle) - remove and stash in a warmish place (you'll reheat in the sauce later)

Pour fat out of cooking pan <== important
30 gr
Shallots Was supposed to be onions

Into the pan to start deglazing - heat through
100 ml
Dry White Wine Add. Stir, shale, deglaze. Reduce about 90% (to almost dry)
250 ml
Veal Stock
Add (or chicken stock or water). Reduce to saucy thickness (coat back of a spoon)

Strain. Don't press the solids too much.

salt & pepper Check Seasoning

2 T
Dijon Mustard
A strong type
20 gr
Very soft. Mix together with mustard

Whisk in a little of the cooking sauce to 'temper' the mixture & melt the butter. Then whisk this tempered mix back into the saucepan.

Add juices from the resting meat. Reduce to saucy thickness

30 gr
Gherkin pickles
julienned. Add to sauce. Bring to slight boil
1 T
Curly parsley
very finely chopped. Add to sauce at last moment. (Could also use Chervil)

Add meat back into sauce to just warm the meat (don't boil or cook it in this step - just warm it up)

Plate it.
At LCB this was: Médaillons de Porc Charcutiére

Served with salad and giant white asperagus (cold).

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