A Few Days Off

There's been no cooking for the last couple of days; and none on the horizon. Although I've been defrosting and reheating what was in the freezer.

Le Cordon Bleu
I know that I miss the people I met there. I think I'm going to miss going to class. The latter is sort of unexpected.

Before heading home I've got a couple of last days here in Paris. I'll probably go shopping for kitchen wares.

Once home my plan is to systematically reproduce (maybe consecutively) all the recipes I learned at LCB; but at home, with its radically different kitchen infrastructure. I won't have 4 big powerful burners and a big wide oven, no empty cooler for stashing things while doing prep, nor an endless supply of pots and pans (nor will they be miraculously washed clean by someone else - as they were at Le Cordon Bleu Paris). Rats.

The LCB Basic Cuisine course had 30 sessions (each session was one demo and one practical) - about 6 each week; totaling 90 or so individual recipes. I figure about 3-4 months to go through the whole lot of them again. I'll need some serious freezer capacity to stash the results because there's no way to eat it all as we go along.

Wish me luck.

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