Lapin à la Moutarde, Pommes Sautées à Cru

Rabbit with Mustard & Sauteed Potatoes

A smash success. Delicious. Chef Bruno's back from vacation and will be teaching the next 2 weeks. I think I might like this; he's clear, explains things and paces the demonstrations well. That, and he scored me 80% on my Rabbit with Mustard Sauce. Only suggested that I should have sauced the little part of the saddle (on right in pic).

That makes for decent results about 3 good days in a row!

As for the rabbit - a pretty familiar routine as far as roasting and sauces goes. No panic there. The tricky bit was that the bunny was skinned and only 1/2 gutted. Heart lungs kidneys liver head - all present and acounted for. So there was a fair amount of butchery to be done. Step one: hack of the bunny's head. Some squeals were emitted from certain members of the group.

Had some when I got home. Tastes really good.

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