Médaillons de Porc Charcutiére, Pommes Dauphine

Pork Medallions in Mustard Sauce

Really interesting sauce on this one; the usual juices from coking the meat and trimmings; degalze: add onions, cook 'em a little; white wine, reduce by about 90%; add thickened veal stock, cook a bit; then strain. That's the regular part. Next mix 2T of Dijon mustard with 20 grams of butter; put a little of the sauce in it (tempering) and whisk/stir; then that mix goes back into the sauce; making mustardy sauce. Add julienned gherkin pickles; bring just to a boil; add chopped parsley & chervil. Done. That's Charcutiére sauce.

The pickle & mustard combination is really good.

And the potato Dauphine (balls) were made from mashed/milled potatoes mixed with a choux pastry & fried. The choux pastry is the hard part - getting the right anount of eggs into the mix. I think our fryer fat was a little too low temp because the result was a litle bit greasy.

The tricks for the park dish are to 1) temper the mustard/butter combo 2) cook the pork through enough - but not too much; and avoid drying it out
and 3) remembering not to strain the sauce after putting in the pickles.
We've been trained for 2-3 weeks to get all the lumpy stuff out of our sauces and reaching for the strainer has become quite automatic. But is to be avoided in this case.
Chef's comment on mine was: good work.

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