Can it be any easier?! Steak & fries. Okay, so you've got to make a bernaise sauce (3/9 failed on the 1st try). Then fry the oversized french fries in 2 steps (blanch them at 140c, drain and later fry them golden brown at 200c). Oh, and "turn" an artichoke to act as a cup to hold the bernaise. Also had to Grill then "Oven" the steak (also at 200c). The grilling is really only to hashmark the meat. But, by the standards of week 4 of the course this is a breeze.

Chef's comments were "perfect" (sauce) & very good (meat). That's satisfactory.
The meat I cooked 'rare' so I could take it home and successfully reheat it to something like 'medium'. The chef's dirty trick was that before jumping into his evaluation of today's dish he asked what degree of doneness I'd done the meat to - and then judged whether I had delivered the steak as stated. I was off by a bit. Rats.

By the way- it's a pic of my own food (not the demo's).

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