Suprême de Volaille Farcis, Sauce aux Champignons : Stuffed Chicken Breast & Mushroom Sauce

Two good days in a row. And no injuries either! Might finally be getting the hang of this cooking thing.

This is a 'supreme' of chicken (a boneless breast) filled with chicken mousse; a cream sauce (which includes the chicken's cooking juices); some cooked mushrooms and a decorative turned mushroom.

Lot's of cream in this one - the French style of cooking that we know and love. Julia Child would be proud.

Again, a simple recipe and it came together really well. Finally I reduced a sauce enough. Too much salt on the exterior of the chicken & too little in the 'shrooms was the one negative remark.

The only tricky bit: remembering to put the juices from the cooking mushrooms into the sauce. Way, too easy to forget in the rush to finish. But without it then we don't have Sauce aux Champignons (mushroom sauce) - do we?

A good day - and a day off tomorrow. Which will be spent practicing turning veggies and studying nomenclature. That, and maybe 15 minutes outside in the sun to avoid turning into a mushroom myself.

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