Gambas : Jumbo Shrimp

Today the "intensive" part of the course started; 3 sessions a day - either 2 demos and 1 practical or vice versa. Lots to keep track of.

The jumbo shrimps/gambas were pretty simple and looked nice (although this is, as usual, a 'demo' photo). And it was a good thing to have a simple day as the 1st of "intensive" since this was also the day we had the written exam.

Marinatred, battered, and deep fried. One good trick: cross-hatch 3-4 cuts on the belly side (cut shallow X's) to prevent them from curling up too too much.

We also had a soufflé in this practical (pic posted separately). It rose somewhat crooked but didn't collapse right away (which is good). Oh, and mine tasted okay too (sort of important).

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