Beef Burgandy : Bœuf Bourguignonne

Beef Burgandy for Friends

I plated it in a more restauranty fashion; single serving on a plate - - but forgot, again, to snap a foto. This pic's from the demo and my usual poor quality. The chef presented it in this family and friends style in a big enamel cast iron pot.

Things to remember: when preparing the meat to go into the oven (sieving the wine/juice/sauce over the meat); or when it's in the oven; or after you remove it - - do not let the meat boil at any time. Makes it tough; or so I'm told by the chef. He also thought me sauce was too acidic; probably too much tomato paste. Well, at least the plate was hot today. That's a big step up from before.

My first "turned" potatoes came out pretty good; although my buddy across the worktable from me took all the perfectly sizd potatoes and left me with the mutants. The idea of practising the motion of tourning on a (hard-boiled) egg sounds like a good one. And no tourning is not a spelling error; that's what it's called in French. It means to trim to a little barrel shape.

Burnt my fingers (again) picking up a hot pot-lid. Reminder to self: never touch a pan without a cloth in your hand.

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