Roast Veal

I believe we may have winner here. A real serious chunk of meat is involved. A veal rib section. Slow pan cooked. Lovely jus if you're lucky (nope, I wasn't); decent veggies.

This is a demo photo but my practical came out pretty much similar (and yes I know the photos are not top notch; if you want quality photography have a look at mishMosh's flickr stuff [link in upper right part of page]).

Anyway, I burnt the meat trimming's a little so the 'jus' had a carmelized taste - damn it. Otherwise the veal was great and the vegs teriffic. This one I took home for later.

It seems that the whole thing's getting easier as we go along (or, perhaps, I'm actually learning something?).

It's pretty good that we all managed to produce anything at all in practical session... because last night was the class dinner (at "Train Bleu" restaurant - a gorgeous joint in the Gare de Lyon); on the house from Le Cordon Bleu and the wine flowed readily. Today could have been a little hazy if one wasn't careful.

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