Hot Pots

Having burnt my fingers (slightly) twice in the last 3 days and having seen a colleague's hand wrapped in bandages for some serious burns (he'll have scars) - - I decided to pop into Monoprix (a local wide ranging groceteria) and buy some tacky tea-towels. Everyone here in class has identical "Le Cordon Bleu" towels so I figure these are so unique that I'll notice them lying around and finally remember that I'm to use these for touching pans - hot or cold. Always. Without fail.
I hope.

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chezdavid said...

Yeah. I burned both my hands on the same casserole of rice within a span of two minutes (grab pan... dammit! Use towel, go do something else... oh, I need to move the rice to a warm place, my right hand is burned, so I'll just use my left hand... [scream of pain/anger with my own stupidity]). Luckily, I'm pretty pain adverse, so I managed to avoid any major burns.

Congrats on completing basic cuisine! I enjoy your blog -- definitely takes me back. Are you continuing with the series?