Beef Stroganoff

Kitchen session #2 today. We were all getting pretty tired after 4 days of 9 or 10 hours each. And the Chef was pushing us to get it done in record time (we did; the whole shebang in an hour and a half).

Obviously we're learning something because the dish seemed so darn easy. It's really quite similar to a couple of things we've done in the last 3 weeks but now we can do them without hesitation; sort of.
For example: the rice contains carrots, french (mini) green beans and zuchinni - cut in itty bitty burnoise (little square pieces). We all (most of us) used to spend 20 minutes agonizing over how to do a burnoise and now we just grab the veggies and authoratively hack away. Managing to produce a pretty reasonable result.

As with the duck earlier today I got a "very good" as the assessment.

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