Crab Bisque

Crab Bisque

I believe the quality of my photos is deteriorating. I'll try to pay more attention when snapping the pic of what I prepare in "practical" class. Although that's difficult to accomplish in the few seconds between

  • the panic of actually completing the dish and plating it and
  • when the chef comes over to critique it.

The pic shows it with some cream on top (the brown specks are croutons); but the cream melted so you can't see the actual soup itself. Oops.

Bisque d'étrilles is really very simple. Sauté some (live) crabs, crush 'em; cook with some veggies, wine and stock; strain well; finish up with some cream; add a little something to thicken it. That's all.

Oh, and (as always) add more salt!.
I had this thing tasting like the Pacific Ocean - good and salty I thought. But no-o-o-o; not enough. Chef said "maybe for home, family & friends it would be okay. But in a restaurant... needs more."

Taste was good; should have had a redder color (by adding more tomato [but we were short shrifted on tomatoes today]); good texture. Not a bad result for a 1st try.

And tomorrow is a whole day off! Which means that I can stay home and do the laundry. For those who might ever consider taking such a course - there's a whole lot of washing uniforms and towels and aprons involved. Where you rent a place you'll want to make sure it has a washer - beat the local launderette any day.

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