Lovely bit of meat this is (it's a demo foto - in the rush I forget to take a pic of my own - but it looked the same).

Basically it's roast sirloin. There's about 6 tricks to know to make this properly. Oddly, the mashed potatoes takes about 6 tricks too. You'd think it was simple: cook potatoes; smash; add butter; add milk. But it's not (see the notes for gory details)

Anyway - a fine piece o' meat it was.

Somewhere during the practical (where we actually cook the recipe) someone stole my jus! It was sitting there next to the burners; I went off to wash some knives and when I came back the jus in my little pan was gone! Damnation to whoever it was (& I have my suspicions).
There wasn't even all that much of it really. Luckily a colleague helped out with a little jus he had extra - which I mixed with the dregs in my own pan. Bah!

Forgot to heat the plate so by the time the chef got to me to assess the stuff it was just plain cold. Crap!

Oh, & I burnt my fingers on a way too hot pan handle (+/- 200 C).
'Twas a lovely day all in all.

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