Pommes Mousseline :Puréed Potatoes

You'd think it would be simple, huh?

  • Boil 1kg potatoes in salted water
  • Smoosh/mill/grind/tammy
  • Add 100 g butter
  • Add 250-300 ml hot milk
  • Ta Dah!
But notes include these 8 (eight!) additional points
  • Cook really thoroughly (5 mn more than you think)
  • Drain & then dry in 180c oven for 5 mn
  • When grinding they must be really hot (do in batches)
  • Butter quickly - when still hot
    • sticks the purée together & gives body
  • Not too much milk - it's not potato soup
  • To keep warm put over a water bath
  • Cover with film right on the surface of the potatoes - or a plate if all else fails
  • Puréed potatoes cannot be successfully reheated - don't even think of it.
Alternative implementation: no butter, no milk, just use olive oil - very tasty. Not to be done today but reportedly worth trying

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