Sea Bream Stuffed with Fennel

This one might be on the practical exam so it was important to pay attention - which most of us had trouble doing today. The class was kind of 'dozey' for some reason. One guy popped onut 3 times to get a cup of coffee from the machine.

It's 2 filets of Sea Bream (Dorada) sandwiching a filling of julienned and very slow cooked fennel. The fennel and fish trimmings are used to make the sauce (I particularly like it when the 'waste' from cleaning the food products becomes something useful).

The tricks were: 1) cut a little 'X' through the skin side if the fillets to prevent curling; 2) use a non-stick pan (cast iron in our case); 3) skin side goes into the pan first; 4) cook the fish very very lightly ('just' colored on the skin side [30 secs]; maybe 2 min on the flesh side)

Wednesday's the last full day. Thursday's the exam. Gotta go study.

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