14. Best Exciting thing of ‘09

(was “Best Rush” in the original question) When did you get your best rush of the year?

Edit: When I first published this it was titled "Most Exciting" but that didn't flow with all the other titles starting with "Best" - so I changed it.

An answer to “Best Rush” would be- - - “when I with . I’m not one of those super-transparent bloggers who writes about all the nitty gritty details of his life – if only because my mother reads this blog. Mom, you should read between the lines as something like “ when I went golfing with Henry “. Everyone else, you may fill in the blanks yourself (what you put in the blanks reflects on you more than it does on me . . . it’s a psychological experiment).

The above, being uninformative, is cause for me to modify today’s theme to “Most Exciting (something or other) of 2009”, and wanting it to be about something not mentioned previously the new answer is…
the most exciting was A Job.

Down here at the playa [beach] there aren’t any hospitality-industry jobs available; certainly not as a cook. The economic downturn has hit the south of Spain very hard. So, instead of cheffing I returned to my old habits, the I.T. industry, and started freelancing as a webmaster and web-site designer; something more than a year ago it was. That got me back into the tech industry and my skills somewhat up to speed.

Recently a small business up in Madrid was looking at expansion, needed a programmer, and asked me – unsolicited – if I would like a job - - permanent, full-time. Even though having a job interferes with my free time I decided to take the gig - - since having a little more money wouldn’t hurt. One key thing is that it’s a telework job so I can stay here at the beach and don’t have to go into an office.

I take it as an indication that the economy is starting to turn around. It’s a good sign when small businesses think about growth. Notably, and a further indicator of an improving situation, I was offered another job (unsolicited) about a month ago running a newly setup pizzería; then last week yet another unsolicited offer (as a program manager) came along from someone expanding their technology business into the americas. All in all, I’d say that things are looking up; there might yet be some hope for the economy.

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