23. Best Web tool ‘09

Web tool. It came into your work flow this year and now you couldn't live without it. It has simplified or improved your online experience.

That would be Notepad++, say it “plus plus”.  It is a double-plus good text editor – use it instead of NotePad or WordPad. It colorizes and indents things so that they make sense visually and handles ‘most every format.

This, you might say, is a desktop-tool and not a “web” tool.  I don’t care… it’s still the best computer-oriented-tool since sliced bread that I’ve come across (actually, sliced-bread is not a great computer-tool now that I come to think of it). I use Notepad++ to edit programs I write for the web and to edit things I get off of the web so in that way it may constitute a “web tool” if you define it generously.

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