16. Best Tea ‘09

I can taste my favorite tea right now. What's yours?

I have a friend who’s a master herbalist, holistic healer and mixes custom organic herbal teas .   My tea is called Vitalitea. I have no idea what’s in it but it’s good. Something of chamomile I would guess; I think I detect licorice – lots of other things.  It’s even delicious - & smells wonderful too.


You might expect a plug here for her website and tea business but she’s not taking new customers now.  I’m one of the lucky ones who still has a supply.


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nakedjen said...

i'm afraid if i share with you what's actually IN your tea, you won't drink it. so i'll keep that to myself. but i'm so glad that you actually like it. because that means you'll actually drink it. and that means it will do the things it is supposed to do for you. xoxo