Fish and Chips

I discovered this place almost two years ago when taking a walk along the Mojacar playa with a friend. There’s loads of places to eat at on the beach strip and this one was picked quite at random just because we were tired and because they served Guinness on tap (also because the Argentinean steak place we stopped at first was at the end of their lunch-opening and weren’t taking any more tables since it was quite late in the afternoon – so having a still-open kitchen was undoubtedly an important factor).


We ordered the fish and chips because it’s a Anglo-owned cafe and figured they might have a decent product and the menu promised a nice piece of cod. A wonderful surprise was that it came with mushy peas. I’m sure that I had never had mushy peas before and was trying to figure out why I got guacamole with my fish. They’re marrowfat-peas and very very good; as was the fish, with a crispy beer batter. In the back of the picture you can see a brown dish of pickled onions (in malt vinegar). They went all out on presenting a complete, traditional, English-style fish and chips lunch; plus a bit of a salad so it was slightly healthy one could say.

I hardly ever get into Mojacar, although it’s a very nice place, close by, with a beach, lots to see and lots of stores and restaurants - but last weekend I found myself in the vicinity doing some xmas shopping. Those fish and chips made enough of an impression on me that since I was “only” a kilometer and a half [mile] away I decided to walk down the road and have it again. Just a delicious as last time; eating on the patio, a view of the sea, in the sun, at the end of November. Life doesn’t suck.

The place is called The Irish Rover. It’s quite good.

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