28. Best Stationery ‘09

Stationery. When you touch the paper, your heart melts. The ink flows from the pen. What was your stationery find of the year?

That’s a really off the wall prompt. I guess that either Gwen Bell (who made up the original list) was running out of ideas or she really likes stationery.

As an aside, my mom had a deluxe stationery store in Vancouver back in the 70’s, maybe early 80s, called Connoisseur Cards -  to this day I can’t spell that word – on 10th avenue in West Point Grey.  She imported fine cards, stationery and wrapping paper – it was a great little place. I really loved the super duper quality European wrapping paper; maybe that’s why I moved here (to Europe).  I recall writing a custom inventory program for the store – inventory at a card store can be pretty hairy - - lots of distinct items.

Second aside, stationEry is spelled almost the same as stationAry -- -- spellcheckers might not help if you happen to write the wrong one (or right the wrong won).

No more asides – and no more about stationery since in 2009 I didn’t get into stationery at all; I don’t think I saw any the whole year long.

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