7. Best Blog Find ‘09

Q: What is that gem of a blog you can't believe you didn't know about until this year.

A: To figure this out I just have to go to my bookmarks lists and RSS feeds.

My instinct was to say The Orwell Diaries but it turned out that I started with that one way back in August 2008; notably, I still read it daily.

It’s bound to be a food blog of course - - Retro Food which is, obviously, about old fashioned food and causes me to often think about the why and when of food we enjoy and how things evolve, or don’t, and what endures.  Good stuff to think about while preparing some of these modern kitchen creations; which might not be around 40 years from now – or might become “new classics”.

I’ll throw in a second one that I like which is - - Changing Minds whose articles/postings are consistently things that I find interesting, think about, and learn from.

These best of 09 posts lack pictures so I will introduce a little random retro content.

Stem Diner Toronto - Queen St

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