27. Best Social Web moment ‘09

Social web moment. Did you meet someone you used to only know from her blog? Did you discover Twitter?

This year there has been a lot of meeting people online.  The Facebooks, the Twitters, Reddit & Tinychat,  Blogspot/Blogger and blogs in general that also have participation and comments and interchange of ideas. I’ve been involved with all of them since forever but this year it really took off. Less engaging sites than that first bunch that I mentioned but still participating are Classmates; hi5; myspace; Vox; Multiply; Ghetto Gourmet; and then there’s the dating sites!  Not mentioned yet are the not Social but Professional Web 2.0 sites – a whole other ball a of wax (will save that topic for another post).

The best part for me, the techie, is getting some of these different sites to work together, a bit.  As in… using this blog post as an example: I write it on my machine with Windows Live Writer; send to to Blogger where it appears in my blog; it tells Twitter and makes a tweet about the blog post; then Twitter tells Facebook who updates my status there as well; myspace somehow notices the activity and posts a mention there.  Not comprehensive end-to-end integration but a start.  Now, if only the number of different sign-ons, userids and passwords was manageable – but it’s not.

Another Best Social Web moment was moving from socially webbing with someone to communicating by regular email and instant messenging; changing a social web contact from an acquaintance to a friend.

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