Chicken Tikki Masala

This maybe looks like a good one.  Be not fooled.


Due to the continuing programming/web-site-building exercise I am still eating quick and easy.  In this case, it was a disappointment. 

We’re talking a kilo [2#] of cubes of chicken breast, a few of those cute little potatoes, and a jar (!) of tikki masala sauce.

Okay, I copped out again and went for a prepared product.  I’ve made tikki masala before (see here. amchar masala actually) and it’s got a lot of ingredients and takes a while to prepare.  Not having time for that sort of thing I just bought a jar of masala at the supermarket, cooked the chicken chunks in a frying pan and tossed the lot into a pot with the masala sauce and cooked it together for 20 minutes or so.

Tasty… well not really.  The limitations of a commercial product were evident here.  Although a bit spicy it did not have any significant flavour.  Nothing that excited the taste buds.   Thus, this one wasn’t a winner.  Thus #2, lesson learned; make a load of masala all at once and store some away for occasions such as this. 

But, hey! It was easy – that’s got something going for it.

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