Couscous with Stuff

Having leftover rump one needs to do something with the residual. Today’s lunch was the same beef (still delicious) with a quick couscous.

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The beef was nuked at 1/3 power for 5 minutes (I prefer slow microwaving for warming things up) just to take the chill off. The couscous was --- boiling a big cup of chicken stock (you have homemade, frozen, saved from your chicken carcasses?) and tossing in the same amount of couscous, setting it aside to soak up the liquid.

Meanwhile, fry a half a chopped onion, a diced carrot, a smooshed and minced garlic clove, and a finely diced tomato. That goes into the couscous after the couscous has sat in the boiling hot chicken stock for 5 minutes.

Then, the couscous needs a drizzle of very good olive oil.

The carrot gives the couscous a nice bit of color.

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