Rice & Egg

A quick lunch. Sort of like Chinese Fried Rice but without the veggies.


The leftover rice from the day before yesterday.  Olive oil into a pan (just a touch), rice into pan, heat it up, salt and pepper, crack an egg into it, stir.  In this case formed into a sort of omelet shape.

I was thinking  of adding cheese bit who needs the cholesterol?  Maybe fry up a little Serrano ham or bacon to go along with it.

If this had about 3 eggs instead of just one and was made with potatoes instead of rice it would strongly resemble a Spanish Tortilla [frittata].

This week’s been really down to the simple, the basics, of surviving in the kitchen with minimum effort (and not going out to eat [no time]). 

But… the web site I’m coding is looking not too bad -  so it balances out.  This weekend I might have to take myself out to dinner to make up for a whole slew of mediocre eating - - or I’ll go for a pizza someplace.

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