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In Spain there’s a strong tradition of restaurants serving a fixed price menu – originally a workers’ lunch. It’s evolved somewhat recently and the local “white tablecloth / linen service” restaurant here also offers a prix-fix menu midday.  Just €10 (drinks not included) so I don’t know if they in fact make any/much money on it.  Just the cost of the operating their dining room must eat significantly into the margins.  They have nice plates, good utensils, tablecloths to be cleaned – it’s got to all add up to the base cost of even opening the doors.

None the less, they offer this meal (I order wine that approaches the cost of the entire lunch so I hope that improves the margins for them) – so I’m perfectly happy to take advantage of it.

Just a couple of courses. First, besides the bread and alioli (garlic mayo) they set down before you order, some little homemade breaded cod mousse’es:

Followed by a simple steak, with a creamy tomato sauce of mushrooms and onions, some fries;that’s a roasted red pepper in the back there for decoration.

Cooking thin steaks like that, properly, is more difficult for the kitchen than doing a big fat sirloin.  So I’d say they’re doing pretty good.

Restaurante Fado [Fado Restaurant]
Avenida Tortuga Boba, 2
Vera Playa, Spain
Tel: 950 467 770

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