Eggs & Rice

The continuing adventures of blindingly simple meals.  Today, lunch, a favorite Spanish midday combination.


Simple enough (not as simple a microwaving something, but still…).  Rice - I used “Bomba” rice; it’s a bit like rice for rissoto; short, plumps up well, absorbs liquid like crazy.  Cooked that with some oil and a couple of crushed garlic cloves in the bottom of the pan.  2 1/2 parts liquid to rice; 15 minutes. Added a bullion cube that was lying around the cupboard to add flavour and salt. Fried an egg, very soft, in an excess of oil (those who fear less than hard cooked eggs are advised to avoid this dish).  Egg on top of rice.  Take your fork to it and get all that runny egg yolk all over the place.

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