Cuadril : Rump

Argentinean meat is widely imported to Spain and it’s particularly good. This is a rump-tip I think you would call it.

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This one I stuffed with leftover rice, mixed with 5 chopped up little (gherkin?) pickles, double that of green olives, seared it in a frying pan first then baked in a 150 C [300F] oven for an half hour for each half kilo [1/2 hr / #]. Let it sit for 10 minutes, covered with foil, before slicing. Looks pretty impressive for something made up on the spur of the moment. And tasted damn good.

Since the oven was going anyway I baked a potato in there too.

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Keith Waymark said...

Like all your posts, this looks excellent. Argentinian beef is grass fed I believe, but I think all European beef is grass fed isn't it? We've just recently been able to get grass fed beef here. I won't anything else if I can get it.