Garbanzos & Vegetables

Today it’s sort of quick and easy. If nothing else, tasty. Love the garbanzos.

veg garbanzos-14112008265

Soak the garbanzos the night before; in the morning toss the water (strain, that is). The peas… were frozen (but get really good ones – not cheapies). French beans, would be better cut a little smaller; closer to the size of the garbanzos. Carrot, cubed into garbanzo-sized chunks. Potato, ‘bout a half of one, cubes too. And slice a half an onion in julienne.

Put the garbanzos in water, covering, cook for 10 minutes… while you toss the veggies in an oiled pan. Add vegetables to garbanzos. Let it stew until the garbanzo beans have become al-dente (not tough but still a bit of crunch). Maybe another 10-15 or so.

That’s it. If you can cut vegetables up fast this dish is a cinch. Oddly enough, I didn’t put any garlic in it. Hmmm… maybe next time.

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