Caplansky's at the Monarch: Toronto: Little Italy

I made a post previously about a place in Toronto called Caplansky's that does wonderful smoked meat sandwiches. Like this:

smoked meat 01102008212

Isn't it beautiful? Yes, it is; and delicious to boot.

The place is upstairs at the Monarch Tavern (12 Clinton St, south of College). Currently the hours are Tuesday to Sunday, noonish 'til nine.

It's so special that I reserved a visit for lunch on my last day in Toronto before returning to Spain. I miss it already. The menu's expanding and they had poutine too (french fries with gravy and cheddar cheese curd [delicious]).

Anytime I'm ever in Toronto Caplansky's is definitely going to get a visit from me.

Now that I have that out of my system perhaps I'll move on to Spain-related posts tomorrow.

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