Chipirones : Cuttlefish

A mentioned midday menus for 10 € the other day.  If you go for a place that offers 15€ menus you get yet another level of establishment.


Sort of a classy place.

You get a starter, second and a main course.  I selected the Chipirones as a main; better known as Cuttlefish.

You probably don’t eat a lot of black food but they make the sauce with the squid ink (and some onions very very finely chopped)  – which contrasts well with the traditional white rice it’s served with.


That’s a sort of squid; the tentacles are chopped and stuffed into the “sac” of the beast.  Mine was mixed with some spices and a few pine nuts.


Really, trust me, it’s very good.

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Kayte said...

Okay, I'll trust you on this one...are you sure?