A Salad

Still with the lunches you might say. And well you might as that’s generally what I’ve been taking pictures of. Dinner tends to be yet less structured than the lunches; likely to be whatever I drag out of the refrigerator when I feel hungry around 10 or 11 at night.

Today it’s even a sort of healthy option; albeit that I moderated the healthiness by using a nice dressing and some cheeses.


Mixed greens (buy a bag – I can’t use it up fast enough or get a mix of different greens if I buy whole heads). Made this seem sort of like a ceasar salad by adding grated parmesan cheese to the dressing (made up of 3 parts oil, 1 of vinegar – whipped up with a fork to an emulsion – I should a smashed a garlic into it too). The croutons (the brown cubes) were lying about (which is what inspired the whole ceasar idea). The white cubes are of Queso de Burgos – one of those soft, fresh, cheeses that are so good for you. I don’t know if fresh (not hard) cheese is available in general supermarkets in Canada & the U.S. these days (it wasn’t when I lived there years ago) but it’s certain to be found in your ethnic latin markets.

A good balanced salad – with the cheese it’s got a a bit of protein too.

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