It Gets Worse: A Hamburger (sort of)

After yesterday’s lunch out of a can, today I present a hamburger..

hamburger 06112008245

As you can see it’s a precooked, probably frozen, maybe microwaved, meat patty.  It comes with chunky previously frozen chips [french/freedom/foreign fries] (almost cooked all the way through), a slice of processed cheese (top left), and you get to add ketchup and mayonnaise to your liking.

The mayo, top right, I enhanced with a generous sprinkling of pepper.  I use that for the fries, not for the burger.  The burger itself comes on a pure-white-bread soft, chewy, bun.  The good thing is the it goes for only €3,40 at the local café/bar.

It’s not gourmet but it is, in its way, satisfying.   Like eating a McDonald’s burger in China.  Not something you would want to do often but somehow… comforting. 

Not being a week when I have a lot of time to cook “real” food I may be eating a lot of this kind of stuff.

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