It’s the Weekend : Escudella

One mustn’t expect brilliant blog entries on the weekend; and besides, I’m battling with an SQL server that keeps bopping up and down so I’m getting very depressed.

Thus, since I’m frightenedly busy doing I.T. stuff the lunch is rather on the simple side.

Lunch. This is Escudella (which means “bowl”). It’s a Catalan stew (that’s the part that has Barcelona). You can see a some carrot; a meatball; a sliced sausage (under that bit of carrot, probably it contains chicken meat); a morcilla slice (the dark coloured one); a chunk of pork fat (in front); noodles; and, less than readily visible in this picture, there are beans too. All in a nice light beef/meat broth.

Traditionally it’s served in three parts: one plate each for the vegetables, the meat and the soup. Not so in this case.


So, what’s special about this particular dish today? Well… I’ll confess – it came out of a can.

Now, I have to get back to the broken data base (which has, in turn, broken a corresponding web site; but luckily it’s only in the development phase and hasn’t yet gone into production. Although this data base breakage does not, I think, bode well).

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