Ice in a bucket

We’re not supposed to freeze here.  1st time in at least 3 years.  -2 C I think it was.

But it turned warm enough that the bees came out.  You can see a couple going for the water.


Unidentified Green Succulent in Bloom

Don’t know what this thing is called… but it blooms in winter like crazy & attracts loads of bees when the temperature is right.

Fruit tree season

Planted 24 fruit trees (actually, 21 assorted fruit & 3 nut).

By tree… one might understand… stick.


New Potatoes

First out of the ground. Very small. Totals 65 grams.

Knarly Parsnip

Irregular watering and stony ground.

Sun dried Figs & Tomatoes

Speaking of August.
Sundried figs and tomatoes - before and after.
Now in the fridge

Almond beetle

When picking almonds one must watch for this beetle in the bark.  Looks nasty.  Name unknown - perhaps the Almond Bark Beetle.

Jade plant flowers

Did you know that jade plants flower?  This is one of the ones in the garden.

Grape pruning

I hope this works - considering that I don't know anything about pruning grape trellises.

A bit of lens glare - too damn sunny.

Puesta del Sol / Sunset

Had a couple of days out.  A January sunset in Nijar, Malaga, Spain.

Acebuchal exit

Went to a lovely restaurant in Acebuchal, Malaga.  Sort of off the beaten track.  Entered via one end of the valley, left via the other. This was part of the way out.
Excellent bread - they make it themselves; delicious - - as was the lunch.

Herptofauna in Andalusia / A Lizard / Lagarto

A little lizard in the garden. Probably a Psammodromus

Fence falling down

Reed fence - to be replaced.

Hand made. Here's the construction technique of the old one - close up.