Knarly Parsnip

Irregular watering and stony ground.

Sun dried Figs & Tomatoes

Speaking of August.
Sundried figs and tomatoes - before and after.
Now in the fridge

Almond beetle

When picking almonds one must watch for this beetle in the bark.  Looks nasty.  Name unknown - perhaps the Almond Bark Beetle.

Jade plant flowers

Did you know that jade plants flower?  This is one of the ones in the garden.

Grape pruning

I hope this works - considering that I don't know anything about pruning grape trellises.

A bit of lens glare - too damn sunny.

Puesta del Sol / Sunset

Had a couple of days out.  A January sunset in Nijar, Malaga, Spain.

Acebuchal exit

Went to a lovely restaurant in Acebuchal, Malaga.  Sort of off the beaten track.  Entered via one end of the valley, left via the other. This was part of the way out.
Excellent bread - they make it themselves; delicious - - as was the lunch.

Herptofauna in Andalusia / A Lizard / Lagarto

A little lizard in the garden. Probably a Psammodromus

Fence falling down

Reed fence - to be replaced.

Hand made. Here's the construction technique of the old one - close up.

Pimientos verdes / Green peppers

Growing off of last fall's plants - but now it's January.

Lechuga / Lettuce

Pick as it grows

Not bad for January.

Animal rescue

Rescued a lizard from the 30000 liter rainwater harvesting tank

Don't know what sort he was.

Canned capers (alcaparras)

This was done last July. They are now ready for consumption.


The hibiscus blooms in July


Some sunflowers have multiple heads.

Burst caper fruit

The caper bush produces

  1. buds (to make little capers with)
  2. flowers
  3. fruits (that can also be pickled)
  4. seeds - as seen below


The first sunflower this season is about a meter tall. A child of last year's - which looked like this.

Ajo / Garlic

Lifted the garlic last year on July 5th.  Should have been June 21 - - as the rule is "plant on shortest day", "harvest on longest day".

Raised Bed

Built another raised bed in the garden.   This one is agave poles and topped off with found lumber.

Pruning Almonds

In the fields yesterday. Assorted tapas for lunch; taking a break from pruning the almonds.


Lots of bees at the moment.  Many on dozens of these flowering succulents. Someone nearby must have brought in hives to pollinate the almonds - which are just starting to bloom.

Cleaned part of the garden

Cleaned the dead creeping succulents out of the south garden by the driveway. Plannted some striped agaves to accompany the yucca. Threw in a log.


July last year. Pruned the tree well. Hoping for a good harvest.

Berenjena / Eggplant

12th of October harvest off 1 plant.

Xmas tree

In the garden, solar lights.

Guns at Cabo Tiñoso

Shot a 1 tonne projectile a maximun of 35 kilometers.

Almond Blossoms

They have started; the blossoms.