Restaurante Juan Moreno

Lovely dessert at Restaurante Juan Moreno in Vera, Almería.

A two layer pudding, one layer spongy and cakeish and the other like ... pudding , and a cute little flower (I ate only the strawberry part - leaving the green (grenadine, I think, would not go well with the caramel flavour from the pudding).

At the crossroads one down from the bull ring (yes, the bullfighting place).

You can see from the picture that it's not a run-of-the-mill place. Sort of fancy but okay prices.

Restaurante Juan Moreno,
Carretera de Ronda
Vera, Almeria
950 39 30 51

Unidentified Bug

Encountered this very very green bug this morning on the porch. It hung around a while and eventually flew away. No idea what kind it was.

A Toda Vela

"A Toda Vela" is a local bar/café where I go in the morning to have toast(with tomato and olive oil), coffee and orange juice many mornings. It's somewhat imposing to be confronted with this sight at 9:00 A.M.

Way too much liquor to see that early in the day.

Restaurante Alhambra: Granada

Here's a decent pizza.

Restaurant Alhambra: Plaza Bib Rambla in Granada (the pizzeria restaurant, not the coffee shop of the same name). In Granada there's probably about 120 restaurants called "The Alhambra" because that's the iconic monument of the city; a fortress complex on a hill above that dates back to the time of the Moor's 750+ year long occupation of Spain (from around the year 711 to 1492 or so - a loong time.
This particular one happens to be of Iberian Ham and nothing more. Simple, decently toasted, slightly crispy crust but none the less tender.


Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day. In Madrid the rose bushes, in honor of the occasion, decided to start sprouting today. It is, after all, mid February - thus practically it's Spring.

Pizza & Wok

This is the dining area at "Pizza & Wok" in Madrid. Simple, clean lines. Calle de Emilio Carrere, 9

For lunch (8 Euros [10 bucks]) you get all you can eat rice and pizza and 1 soft drink. This was the chicken curry rice. 'Twas okay.

And the bacon & onion pizza. I think it was a premade, commercial, crust. Didn't quite do it for me.

They have a pretty cool oven though. You can see the oven floor half way up the opening. it rises and falls according to the temperature to get the best results (it's all the way down when they load or retrieve the pizzas). The overall look is rather industrial - no romance.

All in all - middling. Okay for a bite to eat but nothing to write home about.

A Bit of Sun

Hey, it's early February after all so you can't expect beautiful weather - but it was fairly nice out yesterday. Hopefully today will be better.

That's the Mediterranean Sea in the distance. On a clear day you can see Africa (but only just).

Will get back to food-posting in due course. I have a backlog of pizza pics from the Italy trip to still go through.

How's This For a Nice Looking Restaurant?

This is a pic of my favorite pizzería in and around Madrid. Pretty good, simple, interior design.

Love the real wood burning oven there on the left. The painting in the background are by the owner - a man of many talents.