Little Squid

Little Squid, uploaded by willsong.

Which you get, gratis, with your glass of wine. Coated & fried - thus healthy as hell. It's called a "tapa" (top/cover) and used to be obligatory because of a law to serve food with drinks. Now it's simply tradition.
By the way, Top: because it was put on a small saucer on TOP; to cover the the glass.

Seafood Salad: Ensalada de Marisco

Again at the Typical Beerhall. But having a Rioja, not beer.

This text is short because I'm writing on the phone, will email it to flickr which ought to send it to the blog if all goes well.

Pulpo a la Gallega

The local shopping center here in Vera has a few restaurants up on the 2nd floor. One good one is 'Cervezería el Típica' (Typical Bar). Owned by a Catalan chap (nobody around here is actualy *from* here).

This is 'Pulpo a la Gallega' (Galacian Style Octopus). Pulpo with olive oil, paprika and a bonus of some fried hot peppers on top.

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At the Beach - Again

Went down to the beach house - which has, as yet, no internet connection (love those telephone companies [bah]). Thus, at an cyber-cafe with a slow connection and only 4 minutes remaining on my alloted time.

The up side is that it's sunny and warm (23C - 73 F). Oops . 3 minutes and counting down. Gotta go.

Trianon de Ciro

Via Pietro Colletta, Naples

Never mind what I, or anyone, tells you about the best Napoletana pizza - this is it.

The pic was taken about 40 seconds after we walked out after having lunch, the last ones to enter, eat and leave. They close early (3:00) at lunch. Well, by Spanish standards - that's early.
Pizza pics to follow.

The point being... go there. Have the pizza. It's worth the trip.

Picture Only: Pizzeria Sorbillo Ginos: Naples

I'm dead - so this will be a brief picture post only. The place is Sorbillo Gino, Via Tribunale, 32, Naples. Go there. Don't bother with thinking about it or consulting multiple guidebooks and differing opinions. Just go there and enjoy the atmosphere and the pizzas.

They have a web site. An there's another pizzeria on the same street with basically the same name - so watch out.

The picture's from the part upstairs. Damn the place looks nice (okay, sure, most of this sort of stuff does when photographed in sepia tones).

Pompeii Pizzeria

When recently visiting Naples I also toured the ruins of Pompeii. Destroyed in August of the year 79 AD. 1928 years ago.

This is the only picture I took while there... of a wood-burning oven, the oldest I've ever seen (or probably ever will). Given that it was probably old when the city was ruined the beast is maybe 2000 years old. Things haven't changed much in the wood oven business although given the height of the archway people weren't so tall back then.

Okay, they were probably more into bread baking than pizza making but I can imagine, can't I, that both were cooked there.

Another pic can be found at Picasa
And here's another oven at Pompeii that I didn't see with a big pic of it at Chef Mike Online. The web's a wonderful resource.

Nothing To See Here - Move Along

This internet-cafe doesn't have slots for inserting my USB dongle thingy so I can't post any pictures (of pizzas and/or pizzerias). I'm down here in the south of Spain and ought to have decent connectivity by Friday when I'm back in Madrid. Meanwhile... per the title of this post... nothing to see here.

Just in case you're looking for interesting food links here's a goody: Carol Cooks Keller (French Laundry at Home) where someone is going through the French Laundry at Home cookbook - doing all the recipes. I quite enjoy it.