Several more.


It’s so hot that they start to wrinkle before they’re evenly ripe.  We should do like the professional growers do and put shade-netting over the whole garden plot. Or, in the old days, they grew their grapes on wines that formed a roof over the veggies – like a living pergola – thus shading the tender plants below.



The 3rd tomato of the season; ate the first two without taking a picture.  There’s loads more; still green.

Stick insect


A big one, 12cm [5 in] or thereabouts. 

There was rain yesterday; and the day before; and a drizzle the day prior to that.  Somewhat unheard of for June to 1) have rain; or 2) has 3 consecutive days of rain (might be 4 including today); or 3) have deluges that overflow that water troughs that catch the roof run-off.   On the upside: the vegetable garden will be happy.  On the downside, it rained so hard it knocked a bunch of limes off the tree.



The title pretty much covers it.  That, and I must get myself a new camera/phone.


We don't use charcoal, briquets or gas in the bar-b-q; it consumes, largely, twigs.

Cactus flowers

The flowers suddenly popped out today - after 3 weeks of hot and dry weather.

The Hot Tub

The hot tub. Solar heated water is easy to come by here.


Blooming garlic plants.


Artichoke flowering - very small and seriously buggy.

Mystery Flowery Thing

This grows in the desert where I live.  I'm not sure what it is.
I'm almost certain it's not edible,