Wild Strawberries


In Bulgaria last week.  Finger-tip sized. Very sweet and very strawberryish.


The cacti are starting to flower this week becasue we finally have days well into the 20s (today 24 [75 F])

I don't have the name of this plant yet.  It's a succulent, ground cover, grows vigorously without watering, stays green, and flowers in the spring.

To be named later

Broad beans

The Fava / Broad Beans have been going well for a couple of weeks but the last few warm days have really made a difference.

They're here.  This morning's crop. Net = 1.8 kilos when shelled.

Fixing the roof tiles

Patching the roof. Plastering over the old broken cane.

Almonds in Bloom

They have been blooming for a couple of weeks now (depends on the tree).  The smell hits you when you step outside.  You see, it’s not just one tree; we have a couple of hundred of them and the whole valley is chock full, and the next valley over, and the next, and the next…