Hamburger, microwaved

Sometimes you really, really, don’t feel like cooking.  But perhaps a microwaved hamburger is going too far?  I did eat one of these; plasti-cheese, mysterious-meat, deadly-bun.


Pretending to spruce it up with the addition of ketchup (Heinz), onions, tomato and lettuce does not make it any less shameful a snack.

I’ve been trying out a lot of different burgers recently and my excuse here is that I needed to try the bottom of the scale to appreciate the wide range of alternatives out there.

The Bus

I travel around mostly by bus; as in… going back and forth to Madrid from the beach.  It’s a good 550 kilometers [350 miles]. Luckily medium and long-distance buses in Spain can be very comfortable.


They usually have TVs (see picture, above) and show movies on longer trips, there is a washroom of course, several music stations to choose from, individual air controls, and reading lights.  It’s somewhat like air travel.  There is no galley and that is not a stewardess1 you see in the photo. Since there’s no food service (or smoking) they stop every 2 or 3 hours for a break at a bus station or highway rest area; it’s also to give the driver a rest.

All in all not a bad way to travel and it’s ecologically responsible too.

1 I live in Europe, on the continent, and I knowingly and happily use “politically incorrect” terminology.   Note: the term flight attendant would hardly be appropriate here, would it? 


Was in the next village over a couple of weeks back (a lovely November day).


They planted lime trees in the streets.    This one looks ripe.

I wonder what the protocol is about plucking one.   I know the rules for oranges are that you may take one (or several) for immediate personal consumption.   You are supposed to leave the rinds on the ground where you picked it to show that the orange was consumed. 

That’s less likely with limes.

Uitsmijter : Fried egg on toast

That’s Dutch, not Spanish. It means “to throw out”.


The name is traditionally said to come from the other meaning of uitsmijter which is “bouncer” (as in nightclubs). This being eaten/served as a late-night/early-morning snack at a cafe or club just before everyone gets kicked out at closing.

  • Toasted white bread
  • A slice of cheese
  • 1 egg; sunny side up (fried in 1 T of good olive oil)
  • ham under the egg (optional)
  • tomato slices under the cheese(opt)
  • salt & pepper
  • mustard (opt) (not horrid yellow mustard though)

This has been my favorite quick snack these days. Use fresh eggs (the yolks are more shapely) and keep the yolk runny.

There has been no actual “cooking” going on around here for months. This is the closest I’ve come recently so I’m tagging it as a “recipe”. Tags: uitsmijter

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